Value: You Get What You Pay For

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Do you get what you pay for from your subcontractor? When you go with the lowest price, are you surrendering quality or safety? Does the most expensive bid guarantee you’ll stay on schedule and obtain the highest level of value?

Subcontractors can play a vital role in the success of your construction project. It’s important that subcontractors aren’t chosen solely on price. A subcontractor’s ability to deliver a project on time (and under budget), all while exceeding your quality and expectations is very important. You may have experienced a construction project where the selection of the cheapest subcontractor ended up costing the project more money than if a more experienced subcontractor had been selected.

Change orders, mistakes, and miscommunication are just three of the many culprits that can turn a quality project into a disastrous experience.

May I suggest three simple rules to follow when selecting a partner to represent you on your next project:

  • Reputation – Make sure your subcontractor’s reputation lines up with your core values. They are, after all, an extension of you when they’re on your project. Do they exhibit integrity? Do they do what they say they’ll do? Are they conscientious of your expectations?
  • Quality –A great partner doesn’t take short cuts to save a buck and they don’t make excuses. They do it right the first time, because that’s the way they are. It’s in their character. Those with pride in workmanship (and high character) are those you want on your team.
  • Communication – Cool-hand Luke once said to his prison warden “what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” As you’ll remember, that didn’t turn out well for Luke and it likely won’t turn out well for you either. “Crystal clear” communication is priceless. You’ll be two steps ahead in the project (and avoid surprises) when you have a subcontractor who listens carefully, asks good questions and works closely with you in every aspect of the project.

If your next project is important to you, select a subcontractor who pays attention to the details the same way you do. Choose a partner with a stellar reputation: one who is quality conscious and clearly communicates. Do this, and you’ll get more than you pay for as you successfully complete each project. 801-892-0500

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