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Connectivity demands robust wireless solutions.

Our team is fully capable of providing a turnkey solution for strengthening and modifying your wireless connectivity. From cell towers and LTE/4G infrastructure to WLAN equipment, Americom wireless services include:

  • Design and build wireless systems
  • Coordinate services between wireless carriers
  • Placement of devices using heat maps to optimize signal strength
  • Boosting wireless signal with distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Secure access to prevent data breaches and unauthorized use
  • Scalable solutions based on network demand
  • Rigorous fire and electrical safety compliance
  • Proactive system audits to rapidly detect and diagnose equipment problems and identify unknown signals before they pose a threat
Wireless Systems
High-Speed Internet Access

You already know why you need a reliable network. Americom is the right choice for tailored solutions that address your specific needs:

  • Guests and visitors have come to expect high-speed Internet access at hotels, resorts, country clubs, restaurants, and retail spaces
  • Residents of multifamily housing require wireless Internet as a basic amenity
  • Workplace productivity depends on a stable, fast Internet connection
  • Employees can work from remote offices or telecommute, without compromising network security
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment transmits sensitive patient data that needs to be accessible yet secure
  • Students use laptops and tablets for educational applications and note-taking
  • Efficient, streamlined, scalable, and secure wireless architecture saves money

Americom is proud to offer DAS solutions from Corning Mobile Access and Andrew solutions by Commscope as well as Blue Socket Wifi.

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