What Infrastructure Does your Tech Demand?

In today’s classrooms, technology and instructors work hand-in-hand to provide an interactive learning experience. This growing tech presence is taxing the network infrastructure for many schools and universities.

Classrooms of today and tomorrow need to be designed with the tech-savvy student and instructor in mind. This new learning environment likely includes one or several of the following:

  • 1:1 devices
  • 3D printing
  •  Augmented reality
  • Video game-based learning
  • Online, in-class collaboration
  • Multiple wireless devices per person

Students remember 90% of what they learn by doing or through simulation, compared to just 10% of what they read and 20% of what they hear.

These new technologies place demands on the network infrastructure that have never existed before. And, it requires extensive collaboration between IT experts and academic teams to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place to support the learning goals of the institution. A robust network infrastructure from Americom facilitates the seamless integration of data (wired and wireless) communications and audio/video technologies that result in the classroom of the future, preparing this generation of students to be the next generation workforce.

Americom provides the highest degree of technology expertise to educational facilities from universities to private and public school districts throughout the Intermountain West. Americom is also the choice for the state of Utah, holding the state contract for over two decades, as well as being selected as the E-Rate qualified partner. These qualifications translate into value and quality for students, teachers and facilities.

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