What business owners should know about distributed antenna systems

5943968 - engineer on phone on top of telecom pylonFor years, we’ve provided utility construction and cabling services throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Plus, we install fiber optics and power lines with an eye toward minimal environmental degradation and the highest safety standards. Among the services that we offer is the construction of distributed antenna systems, which is something you may not know much about.

What is a distributed antenna system?

A distributed antenna system, or DAS, is a network of antenna nodes that connect to a common source to provide wireless service within an area, whether it be geographically outside or a structure inside. They can be effective in areas that many people would think is difficult to get a cell or Wi-Fi signal, including roadway tunnels and subways, or subterranean parking garages.

What is it for?

Instead of relying on one antenna to boost cell coverage in one area, a distributed antenna system uses several smaller antennas spread out over the same area. That way, you can access the same strength of connectivity rather than face unpredictable or slow drop zones.

What makes a distributed antenna system effective?

Distributed antenna systems are effective because they require less power. This means you can save money on your utility bills without having to sacrifice cell quality. By having smaller, multiple antennas throughout an area, a line of sight channel is present more consistently and that leads to less fading of signals. Distributed antenna systems also boast improved efficiency over one large antenna and provide strong coverage no matter where you are––outdoors or indoors.

Where are distributed antenna systems used?

Using a distributed antenna system inside can create wider areas of wireless coverage inside of structures. They are also used in large structures such as sports stadiums and large corporate buildings and can be placed on utility poles or traffic signal poles as well. Distributed antenna systems can be used for cellular as well as Wi-Fi networks plus police, fire and other emergency systems.

We set the standard for distributed antenna systems installation. No matter the type of business you own, our antenna solutions can improve efficiency, streamline communications and save you money. Find out more about what we can bring to the table by checking out our YouTube page. Simply click here. We also encourage you to visit our website and browse our list of service offerings. Now that 2020 is here, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ways to improve your business. Let’s work together on your next project. Get in touch today.

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