Underground Utility Lines

The Mountain States are prone to extreme blizzards, fires, and harsh temperatures. Climate challenges are often solved through solar dominated grids, but these simply don’t lend themselves to sunless and windless phases. Underground utility lines are increasingly being used to evade those risks, with the side benefit of lower voltage drops and fewer faults.

Primary Benefits

Underground lines absorb emergency power loads at a far lower operating expense. They emit no magnetic or electric fields and have obvious benefits in heavily populated areas. If building around waterways, historical sites, and national parks, they can provide a power source without interfering with important heritage. Urban development needn’t come at the expense of such sites.

Appropriate Use

Sustainable, eco-friendly power sources are, of course, attractive, but they’re not always possible. In urban areas and where planning consent is difficult to get, underground cables allow projects to move ahead easily. If deadline pressure is a factor, they’re the quickest way to develop land.


Underground utility cables can improve heat dissipation without forming air pockets and dielectric losses. Where high voltages are needed, underground pressure cables aren’t prone to shortages caused by wind and vibrations. They pose no risk to residents and can be placed on empty plots before the development stage.

Falling trees create more havoc for utility lines than any other element, and underground cables overcome this risk entirely. Traffic hazards are also removed. These incidents are so widespread that they can cost millions of dollars a year, and their effects on wildlife are catastrophic.

Sinking cables leaves the land above them at its aesthetic best. There is no unsightly wiring to reduce property values, which is why they’re generally preferred in upmarket suburbs. No wonder countries around the world are investing in burying their utility lines.

We encourage you to read our direct comparison of underground and above ground cabling here. If you need premiere construction utility services, contact Americom today.

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