Trenchless technology: Right choice for environment and construction projects

Trenchless technologies have evolved as viable construction methods that facilitate the installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with minimal excavation and surface disruption. Today, trenchless construction methods are used for the installation and rehabilitation of a wide range of underground utilities including water, sewer, oil and gas, electrical and telecommunication.

Americom’s expert operators regularly tackle projects that would seem impossible to most observers. From the improbable angles of Zion National Park’s canyon walls and treacherously steep ski slopes of Park City, Utah to the busy inner-city streets and freeways of Salt Lake City and the rugged rural communities throughout the west, Americom’s expertise in trenchless technology has kept the environment in tact while providing countless miles of communication and utility connections for over the past 35 years.

Trenchless technologies are a particularly attractive construction option in urbanized areas with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and a vast network of existing underground utilities. It is often mandated for crossing roadways and other transportation corridors, as well as rivers and waterways. Trenchless methods can also be used to install, rehabilitate or replace utilities located in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands and at locations where surface access may be restricted due to the existence of structures or vegetation.

In no way would I ever advocate the elimination of open-cut construction. Currently, open-cut still encompasses a large percentage of underground utility construction activity. It always will have a place in the utility industry; however, trenchless methods should be at least considered as a possible solution when evaluating technology options. For instance, installations, particularly in congested urban areas, that are deep and below a vast existing underground network make sense for the adoption of trenchless technologies. (Credit: Utility Contractor 3/17)

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