Telecommunications Sector Grows


Telecommunications Sector Grows As National Broadband Access Continues to Climb

A recent report published by the Economics and Statistics Administration reveals that the number of households with high-speed internet access grew by nearly six percent between 2011 and 2012.

Many experts attribute the spike to the $4 billion in infrastructure and technology grants awarded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration over the last four years. NTIA funding has helped promote structural improvements in low-income communities and given dozens of schools and municipal centers upgrade outdated networks. Still others say that the growth of broadband can be traced to the numerous high-profile projects being led by technology giants. Google’s Fiber optic projects, which aim to install ultra-high speed fiber optic networks in select towns has been a highlight across mainstream media since the program’s inception in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011.

The rapid growth of broadband has bolstered an already robust telecommunications sector, and industry players continue to engineer advanced techniques to install cabling and wireless infrastructure. Using industry-leading practices like horizontal directional drilling(HDD), communications firms are capable of placing advanced underground networks more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

No doubt the technologies procedures and technologies associated with broadband installation will evolve over the next decade, as the FCC ramps up projects related to the so-called National Broadband Plan, which aims to make feasible 100 megabit/second access to 100 million households by 2020.

The demand for increased wireless data speeds has also driven a huge demand on cellular service providers to upgrade their nationwide network capacity.  “The industry demand for trained tower crews, capable of performing these upgrade activities is huge right now”,  says Rod Tomkins, COO of Americom Technology.  “In addition to the tower related upgrades, service providers are also installing fiber optic cable infrastructure to support the backhaul bandwidth demands of cellular subscribers as well.”

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