Technology + collaboration: a critical connection

Here’s a reality check: 54% of meetings now involve a remote worker.

Whether you need to connect with a colleague, client, or supplier, remote collaboration has become an essential component of daily work life. And it’s not going to change.

We know that collaboration is critical to engagement, innovation and productivity (to name but a few critical drivers) and yet, according to Forrester…

  • 80% of organizations say they need more collaboration to achieve their goals
  • 62% say video is important and adds value, making them more productive
  • BUT only 28% use it daily and 53% never use it
  • 78% are unsatisfied with the current technology offered at work


One word answers that question…Millennials. Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce and include 54 million adult Americans aged between 19 and 35, making up one third of the American workforce (the largest generation at work). And according to a Fortune article entitled, “Everything you need to know about your Millennial co-workers” they will be the most demanding. Here’s what you need to know…

  • Millennials are innovative by nature and expect the organization to support them.
  • They expect a variety of office spaces and the ability to use technology in them all.
  • Millennials vote with their feet, 58% change jobs in less than 36 months.
  • Retaining Millennials is becoming a huge priority to organizations.
  • Millennials expect work technologies to support modes of working.
  • They are the 1st digital native generation.
  • 9 Of 10 Millennials identify flexibility that supports their technology as a top priority.
  • The majority believes their personal devices makes them more productive.

Undeniably the landscape is changing and organizations must adapt… and quickly. Technology and collaboration require the seamless integration of people, space and information which can be a daunting task. So, what are the next next steps when looking to improve the collaboration spaces in your workplace?


When evaluating and designing collaboration spaces consider these 5 concepts;

  1. Embrace the millennial workforce

We already covered most of this but it will help if you remember a few key things….This group checks their devices 37 times an hour, 80% sleep with their devices and this group tends to work the way they live. Technology must be seamless, intuitive and everywhere! Especially in settings that well… feel like home.

  1. Look for opportunities within the open plan

Workplace design has changed, the majority of people work in an open plan environment. Spaces and technology should support mobility, content creation, digital content on demand and different workflows (analog and digital).

  1. Simplification over complexity

This one is simple. Choose the most streamlined, intuitive and user friendly solution you can afford. In the end, the higher rate of adaption and lower user frustration will pay dividends.

  1. Understand your people’s needs

Ask what they need and then solve their problems. You will be a hero!

  1. Consider how technology is integrated into the space.

It’s not just about setting up a video conference anymore. It’s about meshing audiovisual technology with the space to streamline the total experience. Can your system bring in content from the cloud, automatically configure the necessary resources, schedule the room and initiate calls through the video platform, or configure the lighting and sound in the room. These are all incredibly powerful capabilities readily available today.

Teaming up with a certified expert will enable you to avoid costly repairs, rebuilds, and frustration when considering, the design, installation, and maintenance of an A/V and communication system for your facility. Americom Technology is the certified expert you need as a long-term technology partner. Call Americom today and find out why they’re “The Right Choice”.

Content credit: Red Thread