Structured Cabling Systems

Of the many components in any IT system, the cabling system is the longest lasting single component.  As such, it is important that such an enduring component be properly designed, installed and maintained.  While cable installation and configuration, on average, only amounts to 2% of the total costs of a company’s overall networking investment, it may be the most important single system in achieving the full potential of any IT system.  A structured cabling system can provide the infrastructure necessary for growth, with the ability to seamlessly add users, network applications, and increase network speed within an IT system. An improperly installed or designed cabling system, however can account for upwards of 80% of all network problems.

As the cabling system is typically the longest lasting component of any network system, a well-designed cabling system will reduce the need for changes, moves and upgrades for years to come, whereas an improperly designed and installed cabling system can result in ballooning repair and upgrade costs and diminished productivity due to network downtime.  The investment in the right structured cabling system now can have lasting financial benefits for years to come in the ability to quickly adapt, upgrade and expand, while simultaneously negating other network problems from ever arising. Sesprefcawapho .

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