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As a total utility service solutions provider, Americom is your single source outside plant company. Each project can be customized to meet complex demands.

High Safety Standards

Americom teams meet all OSHA regulations and guidelines and the company maintains a comprehensive safety program designed to protect the public, its employees, its partners, and the environment.


We operate cutting edge construction equipment to:

  • Reduce the number of machines needed to complete a job efficiently
  • Reduce noise and pollution
  • Reduce the number of workers required at the job site
  • Reduce environmental impact and work around existing infrastructure


With best in class equipment, expert operators, and complete utility services under one roof, Americom is the right choice for getting the job done.

  • Complete site surveys
  • Prepare bill of materials
  • Write the scope of work and specifications
  • Create the “as built” drawings
  • Finalize AutoCAD drawings upon completion


  • Fiber Optics: Engineering, permitting, installing, splicing, and terminating fiber optic networks for long haul, metro, and last mile cable.
  • Directional Drilling: Ideal for installing utilities without disrupting roads, runways, rivers, and other infrastructure in busy residential and commercial areas.
  • Hydro Excavation: A super-efficient alternative to traditional trenching that significantly reduces the time, labor, and fees associated with removing soil.
  • Fast Fusion: Fuses HDPE pipe up to 70% faster than traditional methods to save time and money.
  • Trenching and Microtrenching: Trenching for projects of all sizes, and advanced microtrenching technology to reduce disruption to existing infrastructure.
  • Utility Construction: Fiber optics, power, oil, gas, water, and sewer utilities.
We chose Americom because of their reputation. They do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’ll do it, and that’s vital to staying on schedule and on budget. I was very pleased with the quality of their work on our project – They do it right the first time.
Lance Goulding, Construction & Engineering Manager South Central Communications

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