Salt Lake among ‘next big cities’ riding growth wave

Salt Lake City is third-ranked in a listing of “next big cities,” based upon increased commercial real estate investment across the nation.

The “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018” report, released by PwC and the Urban Land Institute (ULI), puts the Utah capital behind only Seattle, WA and Austin, Texas.

Salt Lake City is the smallest city ever to make the top 10 in the study, now in its 39th year. This year was the first time for Salt Lake City to be in the top 10. (The Enterprise, Utah’s Business Journal)

So, what does this mean to you and I?

As our communities grow, our commitment to understand and plan for that growth will have a significant impact on our ability to stay current and competitive. One of the most important adjustments we can undertake is making sure our communication networks are capable of keeping up with the fast pace of innovation and development. Communication and utility infrastructure is the keystone to successful growth in today’s marketplace and affects every building, facility, city, and roadway in it’s path.

Two of the most common areas of communication construction are referred to as “In the ground” and “In the building”.

In the ground: From fiber optics to powerlines, utility construction is what connects communication pipelines to the building and will highly impact how far and how fast you do business. Your goal should be to not only keep up, but to stay ahead of the growth wave by making sure your commercial buildings, municipalities, and highways have the needed infrastructure before they are swallowed up within the swells of outdated technology.

In the building: In the walls and above the ceiling lay miles of network cabling that connect us within our facilities and to the outside world. Structured cabling, security, wireless, distributed cabling systems, and data centers are all threatened by the “growth tsunami”. Retrofitting and redesigning outdated technology is the current reactive resolution but new construction now requires scalable expansion (the ability to adjust to growth and new technology without requiring an entire overhaul) to stay ahead of the continuing tech-tide.

Staying ahead of that wave requires an expert communication and utility construction partner that understands your current and future needs. This expert partner should ensure that you have a resilient, robust, and scalable network infrastructure built for years to come.

Americom Technology, Inc. is a unique 35-year old firm that has led (not followed) the technology wave by offering both “in the ground” utility construction expertise as well as “in the building” state-of-the-art communication services.

Americom’s certified technicians and operators continue to deliver award winning performance on both large and small-scale projects throughout the intermountain west.

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