Fiber Optic Cable Upgrade Snowbird, UT 2017-10-24T10:11:23-06:00

Project Description

Scope of work: Americom was responsible for placing thousands of feet of fiber optic cable utilizing existing ducts as well as placing new conduit. New duct installation was placed after rock saw and trenching was completed. Americom also placed fiber optic cabling aerially on the existing ski lifts on a very rough and diverse terrain.

  • Client: Telecom Industry Client
  • Time-line: August 2017 – October 2017
  • Equipment Used: Rock Saw, 308 Excavator, Hydro Excavator
  • Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
  • Client Issue: Client needed to run fiber across rough canyon terrain. Aerial was not an option.
  • Americom Solution: Rock trench and aerial installation of fiber network under the asphalt and across the face of Snowbird ski ski resort ski lifts.

Project Details