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Cable Plowing is an alternate to Trenching or Boring that utilizes a plow system to excavate and bury cable; ideal for shallower digs; minimal disruption to landscape.

The process of cable plowing uses a vibrating blade to split the ground, and cut a narrow slit that can be packed as the plow moves along very easily. As the ground is being cut, the cable or duct is placed at the desired depth by feeding it down a chute, which is located on the back of the blade.

The cable plowing process can be completed in a fairly short time, with easy cleanup and minimal disturbance to the original surface area. This method is much cheaper than either trenching or drilling and is most effective in open areas.

Whether you are planning a new construction project or relocating existing utilities, Americom has the expertise to complete your utility project.


Trenching is an excavation method that creates an open slit in the ground. It is usually used for burying pipes and utility lines, as well as drainage. Once the trench has been dug, the cable, pipe, or other utility line is placed in the trench and then the trench is filled with dirt using the “back-fill” method.

This is a burial method that is efficient and cost-effective when the project requires multiple pipes or the area is open, such as along a road, in a new construction zone, or through a field.

SpiderPlow Method: Trenchless Utility Installation

Americom installs utilities quickly and efficiently with the Spiderplow compared to the time consuming and costly nature of traditional open trenching. Our SPIDERPLOW™ machines have been developed and refined over 50 years and have become a recognized and proven installation method in almost every part of the world. Some utility owners actually specify the SPIDERPLOW™ in their tender documents.

Why is SpiderPlowing a smart choice?

Fast and Efficient

  • Ripping, installation and backfilling performed simultaneously
  • Enables contractor to hand over projects faster, resulting in milestone and completion payments unlocked sooner
  • Shorter lead times in environmental permit approvals
  • Up to 20 times faster than traditional trenching
  • Traffic disruptions are kept to a minimum
  • Eliminates days lost to wet weather
  • Substantially reduces route preparations
  • Cuts down manhandling/damages of material
  • Unmatched installation speed of up to 1500 m/hr
  • Lays warning tapes or tracer wires at the same time
  • Projects completed faster enhances your bottom line

Effective in All Terrains

  • Works in every ground condition, excluding solid rock
  • Tackles undulating terrain and slopes with ease
  • Works in permafrost as well as dune sands
  • Wetlands and swamps pose no limitations
  • Minimizes post construction settlements
  • Plow through river depths of up to 1.5m
  • No damage to road surfaces and base

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