The Importance of Wireless Internet Services

Wireless Services

When compared to traditional wired connections, wireless internet services provide an array of benefits ranging from increased productivity and convenience, to better overall cost effectiveness.  The addition of a these types of networks can benefit any business because wireless networking can achieve all aspects of traditional networking with added mobility and speed. Wireless network services provide instant access to real-time information throughout the network, thus supporting productivity by providing access anywhere within an organization.  In addition, public wireless connections are available in most hotels, universities and public institutions, enabling internet access away from work and home, and thus increasing potential productivity. Plus you benefit from the provided speed and accessibility that a wired system simply cannot offer.

System Configuration

With Americom, we can configure these networks and services to meet any business’s needs.  Whether it is a small business with a limited user base, or a much larger office or building with thousands of users, a wireless service can be devised to meet those needs while maintaining a desired level of security.  Moreover, wireless services can ensure security and protection to its users as well as providing a number of services ranging from network monitoring and auditing services, to firewall configuration and intrusion detection systems.

Wireless services also provide a reduced overall cost-of-ownership.  While the initial investment may be lower in a traditional wired system due to less expensive hardware costs, the overall cost in the lifetime of the wireless system can be significantly lower than its wired counterpart.  This overall cost effectiveness is only augmented in fast changing and evolving industries which require frequent moves.  Furthermore, without the need for cables, wireless networks provide fast installation without the need to pull cables through walls and other barriers, saving on time and peripheral costs of installation.

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