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Hydro Excavation: A super-efficient alternative to traditional trenching that significantly reduces the time, labor, and fees associated with removing soil.

Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. A vacuum is then used to transfer the soil or debris to a storage tank. This allows for a non-abrasive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.

The popularity of hydro excavation today started with oil and gas industries in Canada. The Canadian contractors were able to see the efficiency of hydro excavation as compared to other methods.

The cold weather in Canada often caused the soil to be frozen. This made it harder to excavate using traditional methods. Canadian contractors discovered that using hydro excavation with heated water was a good way to get the job done.

While the Intermountain temperatures aren’t quite as extreme as a Canadian winter, it’s still quite cold and this technology has proven to be a game changer, allowing crews to effectively perform even during very cold weather.


Underground facilities and subsurface utilities are almost always needed for construction. Excavation to lay these utilities is not an easy job and has a lot of risks. The existence of hydro excavation has considerably lessened these risks and it can now be used for several excavation applications.

Hydro excavation is used for line, sign and pole installation and location. It is also used for potholing or daylighting for existing utility locating. It allows for less congestion and traffic in the excavation area because the equipment can be positioned at a distance.

Pipe and sewer rehabilitation is another application for hydro excavation. This method reduces risks for any damages to or punctures in the pipes. This eliminates the additional time and cost that repairs require.


Hydro excavation brings a number of benefits to the industrial excavation world. It is now the most preferred method of digging because of its efficient and accurate results.

  • Safer for workers
  • Non-abrasive, damage reducing way to locate utilities
  • Savings on time from hand digging around existing utilities
  • Less disruptive to vehicle traffic
  • Cleaner Jobsites with less spoil from excavation

In general, hydro excavation is a method that creates a better service for the customer and that makes life easier for the contractors, the customers and the laborers.

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