Helpful Information About Hydro Excavation

Utah utility construction companies have several different options when it comes to removing soil and surface materials for system installation or repairs. The traditional options include excavation equipment such as backhoes, ditchers, and other types of equipment that cuts through the surface of the ground to the desired depth.

While effective, this equipment is not always efficient. Large excavators and even the smaller machines are destructive, tearing up the ground in the area. Additionally, in wet weather or in rough terrain, it can be challenging to get this heavy equipment in place.

Hydro Excavation Solutions

To address this issue, hydro excavation in Utah offers an effective, efficient, and much less destructive method of removing surface soil. The process was originally developed by Canadian oil and gas contractors for use in daylighting (creating test holes or potholes) on pipelines. Even with the completely frozen ground, the use of water under pressure and a vacuum system is effective.

The Basics

Commercial hydro excavation uses specialized trucks equipped with water tanks and pressure systems and air vacuums. The pressurized water is directed through a hose at the area to be excavated, and then the vacuum is used to suck up the water and dirt as a slurry, leaving the hole clean from debris. This process can be repeated to create deeper holes as needed, with the slurry contained in a tank on the truck.

Safety in Any Location

As there is no digging equipment, commercial hydro excavation can be used in areas where there are existing utilities and infrastructure. It is very unusual for the pressurized water to cause any damage, which limits possible issues with other utilities during installation processes.

It is also ideal as it is safe for the environment. This is particularly important for existing commercial properties where landscaping is in place. The hydro excavation can be very precise, eliminating any disturbance of the surrounding soil and avoiding the mess and disruption found with traditional excavation equipment.

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