Get the right infrastructure for your data center

Steel wire rope cable closeupData centers have become more common than ever, thanks to technology that makes their installation and maintenance cheaper than before. But, they also present challenges because of the cabling infrastructure needed to have a high-quality data center.

A data center is a significant part of any modern-day organization with its ability to do networking backup, cloud storage and more. That makes the cabling infrastructure that much more important. If you consistently go offline with server issues, then why do you have a data center in the first place?

If you’re thinking about starting construction on a new data center, keep these five important factors at the top of mind.

• Have a paper trail: During construction, make sure your builder provides diagrams, connections and network switch notes so that should a different contractor come in years later to make updates, they know what they are getting into. Having blueprints and documentation also allows network engineers to identify malfunctions if and when they arise.

• What’s your structure: Will your data center feature structured or unstructured cabling? Before making a final decision, consider the size of your center and how much you plan on using it. Factors like these will help you make the right decision.

• Cable package: Will you use copper, fiber optic cables, or a mix of both? Copper will save you money — lots of it — but it’s also heavy and difficult to install.

• Vertical horizon: Horizontal wire managers provide a cleaner look compared to having wires all over the place, but going vertical also allows for better support. You’ll also want to consider future expansions. If you grow, how will vertical or horizontal placement help or hinder your efforts?

• Get in position: Always remember to place lighter cables above heavier ones. You should also outline the underground and overhead support prior to installation. This means better routing and improved efficiency.

As businesses continue to move into the Salt Lake Valley, attracted to the region not just because of its quality of life but also because of the technology advancements that have led to the term ‘Silicon Slopes,’ Americom can expertly construct and implement construction and cabling services for businesses whether it be a data center, hospital, school or something entirely different.

We bring to every project over 100 years of combined experience and a focus on the highest quality. In addition, we’re committed to sustainability and minimal environmental degradation. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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