For Sale or For Sure?

Upgrading facility technology networks improves marketability. 

In many of today’s office environments, data network cabling has been installed incrementally over years, responding to technology, networking needs, and company demands. Inevitably, leaving incompatible systems including telephone switching systems, internet, mainframe, (PC)-based LANs, and other communication equipment starving for the ability to function optimally.

Because each system was installed with its own set of wiring criteria using different types of cable, these systems are difficult to interconnect, and nearly impossible to maintain and expand. This situation is typical of the unstructured wiring system, in which there is no single set of standards for interconnection.

In recent years, a clear trend has emerged among network planners, to implement network cabling as a structured wiring system according to uniform standards. This is a shift in perspective. Rather than seeing cabling simply as a way to connect devices, cabling is now seen as an important architectural entity: the data center, cabling system, or premises wiring are now commonplace in new builds. The intent is to install wiring capacity for existing networking, but more importantly to anticipate future growth by allowing for efficient expansion.

Today business leaders understand that communication technology is a critical function for every industry. Designing, upgrading and maintaining a structured cabling system is imperative for competing is today’s marketplace.

Americom is a 35-year old company that specializes in utility and technology construction. Their certified technicians and operators design, install, upgrade, and maintain a variety of structured cabling, data centers, security systems, and wireless services.

Find out how Americom can provide your facilities with the network infrastructure that attracts the buyers and tenants you’re seeking.



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