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Fiber Optic Construction

Fiber Optic Cabling is typically used for backbone connections between local network equipment. It is the preferred choice for high quality and reliable communications. Fiber Optic Cabling offers increased bandwidth over other forms of cable transmission types. The cable itself is very lightweight and data can be transmitted with very low attenuation (signal loss) over many miles. Typically, it is the most economical solution when managing large amounts of data over long distances. Exposed non- metallic cables are not prone to lightning strikes. The cable does not carry an electrical current so there are is no risk of short circuits generating a spark which may ignite explosive gases. These intrinsically safe characteristics have led to the widespread use of fiber optic cabling in hazardous environments such as chemical companies, fuel refineries and industrial settings.

Americom has over 37 years in the telecommunications industry – and the man power to complete your fiber optic installation projects on schedule, while meeting your quality standards. Our crews are well versed in safety and able to handle all key aspects of fiber installation, such as street cutting, rock sawing, trenching, microtrenching, directional drilling, and plowing with necessary heavy equipment to complete any project.

With Americom, you’re getting a full complement of telecommunication contractor services.

We’re always updating our safety practices, our equipment and technology in order to provide you with the very best in project completion—every time.

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