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Fast Fusion Fuses HDPE pipe up to 70% faster than traditional methods to save time and money.

This technology incorporates mobility, efficient pipe handling and a patented enhanced cooling system to dramatically increase production capacity and the number of fusion welds completed per hour. The 18,750 lb. self-propelled machine saves time and money on projects of all sizes.

The Fast Fusion procedure is for butt fusion joining of PE pipe produced in accordance with the industry standards intended for butt fusion. Pipe joining for gas, water distribution, wastewater, industrial, irrigation, mining, etc., as well as PE fittings and other approved PE products for pressurized and non-pressurized applications.

Improved Quality with Fast Fusion Technology

Fast Fusion® is a proven technology that controls the weld bead temperature and replaces the conventional fusion (T5) minimum time in machine under pressure after the fusion has been completed and is cooling to the industry standard. This technology cools each weld to be exactly the same for every fusion made ensuring consistent quality improvement. Using the technology the fusion weld cools 70% faster which eliminates the waste of labor and equipment waiting for the fusion weld to cool. Fast Fusion is currently used for pipe sizes 2” (50mm) to 65” (1600mm) and is not limited to size or thickness of the pipe material.

Eliminate Failed Fusions with Americom MobileFusion Trac

Americom’s “MobileFusion Trac” model is operated by one person. These machines self-load the pipe into the machine with the FastLoad® front boom, contain the Fast Fusion® cool time (T5) technology, are all tracked machines, have an all-weather controlled cabin to eliminate the contributing factors of failed fusions such as wind, cold, rain, dust and to have the equipment necessary to create an environment that every weld can be completed to be exactly the same. Industry known & approved fusion equipment is installed inside the Fast Fusion machine to join the pipe. These machines are used for pipe 2” (50mm) through 36” (900mm). This equipment typically increases fusion’s completed per hour by three (3) times more than one conventional fusion machine.

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