Don’t confuse experience with expertise

Raising the bar for contractors clears the field

This may come as a surprise but, many contractors with 20 years of experience are not experts in their field. Experience just marks time. It does not mean they have a high level of expertise.

A depth of knowledge to bring to the table that allows someone to change the game? That’s expertise.

“Experience simply marks the time we’re doing something, but it’s a bad gauge of how well we actually do it. Expertise, on the other hand, is a far better gauge of competency.” – Keenan

Making the right choice in a contractor can be as simple as deciding who has the expertise you need, not just the years of experience. Look at the following:

  • Record – What type of projects have they successfully completed?
  • Reputation – What do their current and past clients say about them?
  • Equipment – Do they maintain and use quality equipment, products and materials?
  • Safety Record – Are they certified and adhere to industry standards?

When you raise the bar, you’ll find that not all contractors will be able to meet your standards. That’s when you’ll identify the experts you want to work with.

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