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Americom tackles the toughest directional drilling conditions, from solid rock to cobble and hard dirt.

Over 37 years in directional drilling makes Americom the “Right Choice” for utility projects. Environmental issues are minimized, as operations are limited to relatively small areas at each end of the installation. Normal activity, such as river flows, road and highway, or airport runway traffic, can continue without delay during installation. This is an especially important benefit when drilling in busy residential or commercial areas.

Americom delivers power when and where you need it to complete the bore in the most efficient way possible. We’ve got plenty of power for optional on-board loading and anchor systems. This eliminates the need for additional equipment for pipe loading, anchoring and other tasks, and gives you a unique ability: the power to reduce your job site size.

Ideal for installing utilities without disrupting roads, runways, rivers, and other infrastructure in busy residential and commercial areas.

“Drilled 10,000 ft of residential fiber project without a single noise complaint. Extremely powerful, versatile and maneuverable drill.”

“In a single pass, we’ve drilled through 1,800 feet of solid rock without a hitch. Ideal for installation of large-diameter pipe!”


  • Long and large diameter bores

  • Bore under rivers and R & R

  • Cover difficult highway crossings

  • Unmatched spindle speed and torque

  • Power through most soil conditions including solid rock


  • Quietest drill in it’s class

  • Power to spare

  • Narrow width for maneuverability

  • Dual point drill for steep entry angles

  • Ideal for gas, telecom, water, and power line installations

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