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Before Americom


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As Structured Cabling experts, we understand that “Cable Spaghetti” is often an inherited problem, and not the fault of one individual or something that just happens overnight. We also understand the headaches and frustration that comes with organizing and finding your way through the potentially hazardous mess.

Spaghetti cable often leads to surpassing the bend radius for cables. (Bend radius is the minimum amount that you can bend a cable set by the manufacturer). When cables are bent past the recommended limitation, data loss is incurred- too much loss and you start experiencing downtime.

Without proper cable management, performing simple maintenance such as moving, adding or changing connections in a congested cabling environment is extremely difficult. Chances of unplugging the wrong connector increase. – and while it may or may not have a drastic effect on the network, plugging cables in and out also increases the probability of contaminating the end-faces of connectors.

So here is our question, does it really matter if you organize the cables? Actually yes it does.  When your cable is congested, the airflow is reduced.  The equipment cooling features are not able to work properly often going into overdrive,  increasing energy costs, reducing networks speeds and even reducing the lifespan of your equipment.

With over 30 years of experience in the structured cabling industry, we are confident that we are the “Right Choice” to organize your “cable Spaghetti “and implement a solution that best fits your company’s needs.

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