CRE: Keeping up with technology in your buildings

The landscape of in-building technology for CRE owners and developers to bring wireless coverage into their buildings is going through a rapid generational change. Landlords are now faced with making long term decisions on how to best provide connectivity to tenants who are making choices of where to rent based on communications amenities. The emerging options now include new frequency bands like 3.5 mhz (CBRS) and new technologies such as 5G that will bring huge increases in speeds and much lower latency. So how should a CRE executive go about picking the right option for their buildings? “Connected Real Estate Magazine”

Americom offers critical expertise to help stakeholders pick the right solution, methods and services so you don’t need to be concerned about immediate obsolescence or picking the wrong system. Call today for a FREE building assessment.

Our partner “Anixter” illustrates more the solutions we provide in this short video…