Budget: A number of conferencing solutions are available in a rang e of price options. To define a solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget, you must go through a needs-versus-wants analysis to ensure that you do not overspecify the requirements of the room.

Security: Collaboration and conferencing applications typically run on the network, which makes them a potential entry point for cyber-attacks. Follow industry encryption standards to secure your system.

Component compatibility: Conferencing and collaboration systems must be Selecting products that work together is essential to a smoothly functioning collaboration and conferencing system. To achieve this, engaging a qualified integrator like Americom will help ensure compatability.

Integration and networking: Conferencing and collaboration systems must be properly integrated with digital signage in order to ensure a seamless experience that will enhance the quality of communications and improve productivity and engagement.

Ease of use: Quality design is the key to ease of use. You must fully define the use of a room, and work with a qualified integrator to design a solution that meets your needs but is not more complex than necessary.

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