Closing the Digital Divide in the Rural West

That last time you applied for a job or searched for a scholarship was, more than likely, online. Over the past decade, the FCC has managed to bring high-speed Internet to a majority of the country, which is no easy feat. However, there are still areas of the country that are lagging behind in terms of having broadband access. It’s important that they obtain access to the same speed Internet as the rest of the country, and not just for convenience’s sake.

The Importance of Obtaining Access to High-Speed Internet

Rural areas of the country tend to lack high-speed Internet, despite the fact that the Internet has become a necessity in everyday life. Without it, rural areas risk losing out on business, jobs, and educational tools. They risk falling behind urban areas in regards to education, jobs, income levels, and even health care. The Internet of Things has revolutionized industries like health care and agriculture, but the Things cannot be utilized without Internet.

One of the challenges of bringing broadband to rural areas is the cost of doing so. Unfortunately, the $7 billion broadband fund included in the 2009 stimulus law only allocated a third of it to rural projects.

Internet Access is a Bipartisan Issue

To make sure that these rural areas aren’t at a disadvantage, lawmakers are trying to work together to obtain a modest increase in federal subsidies to finance the building of new networks. Some lawmakers want to upgrade the $600 million a year funding for new networks provided by the Agriculture Department’s Rural Utilities Services, while others would like to increase the $4 billion yearly high-cost operating subsidies that are generally financed by phone bill fees.

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