Benefits of Underground Cabling vs Above-Ground

When it comes to installing new power lines and utility cables, there are two choices: install them above ground or install them below ground. Generally speaking, it’s a much better idea to install them below ground if you have the chance to. The following are just a few of the advantages of underground cabling.

Less Space

Above ground power lines take up a lot of space. In areas that are more densely populated, space comes at a premium — and you won’t want to use it up on power lines that could be installed below ground instead. Besides the fact that underground cables are out of sight, they also require a narrower band of land than above ground cables.

Less Visual Impact

Power lines obstruct a property’s view and can diminish the curb appeal of a property. Nobody likes looking at above ground power lines, after all.

Less Exposure to Damage

Above ground power lines are extremely vulnerable to damage, whether it’s a squirrel biting through one of the cables or catastrophe caused by a falling tree, car accident, nearby fire, or heavy snowfall. This kind of damage can be costly to repair and may leave hundreds, if not thousands, of people without power. Installing cables underground mitigates the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and blizzards.

Less Dangerous

Above ground power lines that have been damaged pose a safety risk to people around them. They can collapse onto nearby buildings, cars, or even people. Downed power lines can also cause electric shocks to people who venture too close. Health-wise, underground cabling is also a winner. They can be shielded to reduce electromagnetic fields at the surface.

Installing your cables underground eliminates many of the often dangerous drawbacks of above ground power lines. For more information on underground cabling, visit Americom, one of the leaders of tech and utility construction today.

Underground cable installation doesn’t have to be an eyesore. With technologies such as microtrenching, Americom completes projects without disturbing the surrounding infrastructure or environment.

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