Americom’s Hydrovac Excavation is “the right choice” for Safety, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness

Advantages of Hydrovac for Safe Excavation

Hydrovac excavating in the Rocky Mountain region has many advantages over traditional digging methods, especially when working around sensitive underground infrastructure. Utilizing pressurized water and vacuum suction, hydrovac services liquefy soil and vacuum it into a storage truck. This method leads to safe, cost effective, and reliable excavation all while eliminating the possibility of damaging the underlying utilities. Americom is the premier hydrovac excavating company in the region with a track record of success and safety.

Safe Excavation for Utility Locating

Safety is paramount when working with buried utilities. One wayward shovel or backhoe strike could rupture gas lines, water pipes, electrical lines, or telecommunication cables. Rupturing these lines could cause serious damage to local buildings and residents. Utility locating and hydrovac services virtually eliminate the possibility of ruptured utilities. Americom has a tremendous safety track record. We have performed thousands of locates without damage to underlying utilities.

Hydrovac Excavation for Cost Effective Digging

Cost analysis, and utilizing the most cost effective methods available, is vital to businesses and municipalities. Hydrovac excavating services from Americom are a cost effective alternative to traditional utility locating methods due to their expediency and safety. Hydrovac excavation is 10 times faster than hand shoveling, minimizing project time and expense. Americom’s hydrovac excavating team is capable of handling a variety of difficult soil conditions, including frozen soil, to quickly and safely expose utility lines. Our equipment is designed for the best hydrovac services and we are capable of removing up to 70 cubic yards per day of material. Relying on Americom for all your hydrovac excavating needs is the most cost effective solution for you and your business.

Hydrovac Services for Reliability and Consistency

Americom has a reputation for reliability and a track record of success. Our operators are highly experienced and dedicated to their jobs. We offer year-round service with 24 hour availability. Our fleet of trucks is well maintained and ready for all of your hydrovac excavating needs. We are able to handle a wide range of jobs in difficult conditions. Trust the experts at Americom with your next utility exposure project.

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