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Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 193 countries.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is Green

Advances in technology have helped many industries reduce their environmental impact over the past few decades. Horizontal directional drilling, offered by the experienced team at Americom, is the eco-conscious choice of the drilling industry. Through the mountain west, directional drilling has quickly become a preferred “green” method for installing utilities and pipelines.

Using highly specialized equipment, Americom’s horizontal directional drilling allows for the placement of underground utility lines without the need for excavating or trenching. Not only does this method help to significantly cut down the costs of construction, it also greatly reduces the impact of the project on the surrounding environment.

Directional drilling in the mountain states is preferred over other more destructive cable and pipework installation methods. Trenching and cutting can cause significant disturbances to environmentally sensitive areas; and in the past, been considered the primary option. Today, horizontal directional drilling offers a much safer and more environmentally protective alternative.

In some of this region’s delicate environments, directional drilling has allowed for pipes and utilities to be installed around obstacles such as water, railroads, buildings, roads and protected landscapes. The ability to curve underground utility lines along a desired route creates far less disturbance both above and below ground than other traditional methods.

Because it causes such minimal disturbance, horizontal directional drilling allows the surrounding environment to remain unaltered. It poses little risk to wetlands, rivers, lakes, and preserved reclamation areas. It’s also an ideal method to maintain the integrity of driving surfaces by boring deep beneath the surface leaving roadways open and untouched during construction. Utilities and pipework can get where they need to go without needing to alter the environment or inconvenience traffic along the way.

Another major benefit of directional drilling is that it has minimal to no impact on sediment and steep slopes as witnessed in Utah’s Zion National Park in 2017. On this project, Americom crews were able to install a 360’ 8” HDPE waterline through a solid rock hillside at a 55 degree bore without harming the integrity of the Park’s canyon walls. While trenching can significantly contribute to erosion, Americom’s horizontal directional drilling team was easily able to navigate around sensitive sloping areas and maneuver up the majestic cliffs of the Park without disrupting the magnificent landscape.

By choosing Americom for your next industrial, commercial, or municipal project, you can rest assured you’re making the “right choice.” Don’t hesitate to call Americom and find out if your project can be completed using the environmentally friendly methods of horizontal directional drilling.   801-892-0500



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