Americom: Good to Know

GOOD TO KNOW:  It is often assumed that physical security systems work together seamlessly. The reality is that integration is complex and requires upfront planning. As physical security systems develop over time, each technology migrates at its own pace, leaving the capacity to integrate at varying levels. The ideal model is a physical security system that requires minimal customization and supports all technologies without sacrificing functionality.



Legacy video, access control and intrusion systems with limited or nonexistent third-party integration, which often result in multiple disparate systems operating in silos. Proprietary systems provide systems integration from a single manufacturer. Third-party integrations, system options and features depend on proprietary manufacturer’s roadmap and timeline.


Analog and digital technology mixed within the same system or appliance. Allows a proprietary and open interface technology to coexist within a single system or device. This is a transition in the conversion process and delayed investment of integration. Often the first step in migrating to an open interface and standard cabling infrastructure.

Open Interface

An integrated approach that allows for interoperability of systems through the use of APIs (application protocol interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits).

True Open Architecture

Standards-based, industry-supported, plug-and-play solution that allows multiple systems over a common infrastructure to be managed through a single user interface. Standards-based, open- architecture physical security systems incorporating intrusion and fire have yet to be introduced, while access control is under development.


Technology Selection

Systems Interoperability

Project Deployment

“Protected properly, the loT will bring more efficient processing and analysis of data, so security stakeholders can take advantage of a huge resource of intelligence to detect risks proactively, respond to situations in real time and increase the efficiency of safety and security measures.”

Source: SIA Megatrends Report