A beginner’s guide to cabling infrastructure

42497371 - network switch and cables, data center concept.If you’re a new follower of our social media channels, you may have seen us talk about our years of experience installing cabling infrastructure. It’s one of the many services we provide to businesses in the Salt Lake Valley and across the Intermountain West.

But what is cabling infrastructure? How does it affect your business? And why is it important? We regularly get these questions, so we’ve dedicated this blog to answer them. Keep reading to learn more.

What is cabling infrastructure? Installing cabling infrastructure at your facility allows you to have a variety of electronic components working together in concert. For example, cabling infrastructure is needed to support WiFi, telecommunications and electricity. In addition to the wires and connectors themselves, cabling infrastructure features a series of panels and trunks that provide power for various plugs and ports.

Why is cabling infrastructure useful? Cabling infrastructure is useful because it provides an organized way to structure cabling and electronics throughout your building. You can trace what ports are connected to what cables, allowing you to save time and energy. Cabling infrastructure also provides a clean and organized set up. No knots or tangles. That means less risk of short-circuits or other malfunctions.

Why should I use cabling infrastructure at my building? If you don’t have an organized cable infrastructure in place, it’s easy to make mistakes when adding new equipment to your network. Plus, the tangled messes that can occur are frustrating for anyone. In addition, organized cabling gives each server room the ability to breathe. It also keeps your system from overheating.

Where can cabling infrastructure be utilized? Cabling infrastructure provides a foundation for many businesses, including hospital chains, technology companies, financial institutions and schools.

Here at Americom, our work focuses on utility construction and cabling services for businesses — because if you do not have the correct cable infrastructure in place, you will have issues with your technology. That is why our ability to build out structured cabling will help with your needs. We have technicians certified with Commscope, Systimax, Siemon, Belden, Corning, and BICSI as well as RCDD certified employees on staff.

When the veins and arteries of your establishment, be it a hospital or office building, are installed by a team of professionals (like us) everything works seamlessly. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make sure your office runs smoothly. Call (801) 892-0500.

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