5 Reasons to Choose Fiber Optics Cable

When talking to any network cable contractor in Utah, the first recommendation for planning a network cable installation is to choose fiber optic cable. This can also be a choice if an existing network is simply struggling to transmit and receive the data required for any type of commercial property.

There are several reasons why it is important for commercial buildings to make the choice to upgrade to fiber optics networks. Take a closer look at five key benefits.

Faster Data Transmission

Faster data transmission is the first benefit any fiber optic contractor provides to customers. Today, data drives business, so the ability to upload data at the fastest possible speeds drives productivity and service.

Fiber optic cable transmits data at 68-70% of the speed of light, which is much faster than any other network cable can provide.

Higher Bandwidth

Compared to metal cables, the use of fiber optics offers standard ratings on cables that range from 10Gbps to up to 100Gbps as standard options to consider. Talk to a fiber optic contractor like Americom to look for the bandwidth you need both now as well as in the future.

Less Signal Loss

One of the challenges for any network cable contractor is to try to manage the signal degradation over long distances found in metal wire. The recommended limitation for copper wire is 328 feet. Compared the limited 25-mile distance (in perfect conditions) that single-mode fiber optics cable can operate, there is a big picture difference.

Durable and Reliable

These last two factors go hand-in-hand, but are both essential to consider. Fiber optics cable is not impacted by weather, moisture, or even the presence of electromagnetic interference. At the same time, the cable is more durable and can turn, flex, and resist breakage much better than thicker, heavier metal wire.

As a top fiber optic contractor in the Intermountain West, the team at Americon can provide information on the advantages of fiber optics in your next project. To discuss your options, contact us at 801-892-0500.