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Americom-VoiceAmericomVoice™ has a lot to offer any size business. As traditional telephone systems face impending elimination, businesses are learning the benefits of replacing legacy systems with a cloud based, fully managed, hosted PBX solutions. AmericomVoice™ provides a hosted solution with a proven platform for increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The hosted PBX market is growing at a consistent rate due to four primary reasons:

  • Lower total cost of ownership and monthly investment
  • Minimal Support, free up IT staff and on-site phone vendor
  • Advanced Features, which some small businesses could not afford and large businesses with traditional PBX systems did not have
  • Reliability and Uptime-with quick plug-and-play provisioning, measurable voice quality, and the peace of mind of a redundant network, and 24/7 customer support.

A reliable communications system with advanced features is vital to the success of your organization because NOTHING is more important to your business than the customer relationship. AmericomVoice™ is a proven communications partner that will help your company attain the cost savings, mobility, flexibility, control and quality that is crucial to your success.

Why AmericomVoice™?

Data has been migrated to the cloud or a co-location, why not voice? Take advantage of premium features and capabilities coupled with the latest technology. Don’t just replace your phone system. Gain an advantage by freeing up time and resources to focus on your core business.

Hosted PBX Key Benefits 

Reduce Expenses…

• Reduced upfront investment on hardware, installation.

• Eliminate the cost and complexity of the phone closet.

• A consistent, all-inclusive, monthly operating expense, (International Long Distance at competitive rates).

• Initial investment on handsets, while AmericomVoice™ takes care of the system and software.

Per seat pricing allows you to pay for only what you need. This allows you to scale your services affordably as your business grows. The biggest advantage to AmericomVoice™ is how easy it is to move forward. When your business grows, simply add additional phones, and never outgrow what you started with. There is no need for a big upgrade.

Offering geographic diversity and redundancy, our data centers are located in Philadelphia and Phoenix.  As technology progresses, you will already have access to it. Safer and secure than premise based systems, data center monitoring 24/7, with cutting edge firewalls and multi-level redundancy.

Connecting remote offices and home based workstations with your network connection and a VoIP extension. Access your PBX via soft phones by utilizing smart phone and tablet applications. Provide your workforce with constant connectivity and productivity from anywhere.

Disaster Avoidance…
In the event of an interruption of internet service, power outage, or natural disaster, AmericomVoice™ is the ideal solution. Since there is no on-premise phone system and the heart of the system is in a secure data center, your business will continue to function. Calls can be re-routed from our web-based portal, to other remote locations or cell phones.

SIP Trunks
AmericomVoice™ SIP trunks can replace traditional phone trunks with high quality SIP Paths. There is no need to replace your traditional phone system to enjoy the benefits of SIP trunking technology; works with most traditional phone systems. With AmericomVoice™, we take the cumbersome technology out of your closet and into the cloud.

How it works…
By leveraging the AmericomVoice™ unique carrier access cloud, or your existing internet connections, enjoy the flexibility of hosted services maintained, and upgraded in our secure data centers. We own the back-end hardware and maintain software upgrades, service, and support the system. You purchase your phones, and simply pay a monthly fee on a per extension basis.

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