Utility Services

 Utility Services

Safety you can count on

Americom teams meet all OSHA regulations and guidelines and the company maintains a comprehensive safety program designed to protect the public, it’s employees, partners and the environment. This safety program has cemented Americom’s position as the peace of mind utility services company.

Americom specializes in underground cabling – uniquely capable of providing high-level voice, data, and fiber optic design and installation.

Customers prefer Americom Utility Services because Americom utilizes the latest technology like Spider Plow and Fast Fusion, which save time and money. These cutting edge devices are incredibly efficient and reduce the number of machines and the size of crew required to do a job while significantly minimizing environmental impact. In turn, contractors are able to take on more environmentally sensitive jobs and rest easy knowing they have a partner that will ensure each project’s success.

Americom design teams will perform site surveys, prepare bills of materials, write the scope of work and wiring specifications, create the “as built” drawings, and finalize AutoCAD drawings upon completion.


Americom’s hydro-excavation trucks utilize kinetic energy in a high-velocity water stream to penetrate, expand and break up soil. The loosened chunks of soil and rock are then removed through the use of powerful vacuums. Hydro excavation trucks facilitate lower service fees and significantly decrease the number of worker hours associated with traditional trenching.

Fast Fusion

Americom uses Fast Fusion technology, that is proven to fuse HDPE up to 70% faster than traditional methods. This technology incorporates mobility, efficient pipe handling and a patented enhanced cooling system to dramatically increase production capacity and the number of fusion welds completed per hour. The 18,750 lb. self-propelled machine features a specially designed climate controlled cab mounted on rubber or steel tracks. It’s powered by a fuel efficient CAT diesel engine.

A Total Solution for Utility Services

Americom is a total utility service solution provider. This means each project can be customized to meet even the most complex demands. As your single source outside plant company, Americom will provide:

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Nearly 30 years of experience in directional drilling makes Americom the right choice for utility projects. Environmental issues are minimized, as operations are limited to relatively small areas at each end of the installation. Normal activity, such as river flows, highway, or airport runway traffic, can continue without delay during installation an especially important benefit when drilling in residential or commercial areas.

Spider Plow

Faster, safer, more efficient installation becomes possible with this technology, which has minimal environmental impact and unmatched capabilities. The best choice for installing pipe up to 12 inches in diameter, Spider Plow is environmentally superior to traditional pipe laying (there is minimal ground disturbance and reclamation) and incredibly cost effective.

Crew size is reduced, projects are completed faster, equipment is easily mobilized, site preparation and remediation are reduced and machines are adaptable to unique job characteristics. The Spider Plow can operate in a wide range of terrain and climatic conditions and can plow or pull in flexible and steel pipe.

“Americom’s pipeline crew worked with my teams to complete the Hardin Montana project. I have been in the gas and oil business for 26 years and have worked with some fine crews, but Americom stands apart as one of the best pipe crews I’ve ever worked with. They did and excellent job for us on the Hardin Montana project, were great to be around and produced and excellent product for us.”

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