Technology Services

americom technology services

Technology Services

Business leaders choose Americom because our customized, industry-specific solutions, built on the most respected, reliable, and benefit-producing brands on the market are proven to increase profitability and efficiency within organizations. We offer the following technology services;

  • VOIP

  • Mobility

  • WiFi

Americom is the design leader in the Intermountain West. Other services include installation and support of VOIP, PBX, voicemail and IVR solutions. We help you manage connectivity and customer service, and offer the expertise to design, install and support solutions of any size, on projects of any scale, the goal being to produce exceptional ROI.  You may be closer than you think to unified, efficient communication processes!

Americom Technology Services, allows your company to:

  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Save administrative time
  • More effectively manage client communication.

Americom sets the standard for management of all your unified communications (UC). Americom’s management strategy is a unique practice of viewing and managing the entire communication ecosystem with a focus on end-user service availability and quality of experience. Americom’s service delivery platform consists of modules that provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that make up your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration.

Americom’s modular approach allows customers to address whichever areas are most important to them or those deemed to have the highest risk.  It also allows customers to move toward true UC management one-step at a time or at whatever pace budgets, training, discipline needs and understanding allow.

Technologies have a natural lifecycle that needs management. Americom will work with our customers to identify the lifecycle for each of your technologies and work with you to build a plan to maximize the benefit of each technology and integrate it with the other technologies that you have or are considering deploying.

These lifecycle steps include:

  • Define – Americom will work to ensure that we understand your goals and that the appropriate technologies are considered.
  • Design – Americom will then design a solution that delivers the infrastructure to meet your goals
  • Integrate – Americom will integrate the technologies into your organization and ecosystem
  • Optimize – Optimization is where most dealers lack expertise. Ensuring that the technologies are being adopted, used correctly and achieving expected results is a critical step in the lifecycle
  • Manage – Continue to monitor and deliver quality throughout the lifecycle.

Knowledge is power! Having the right information in the right people’s hands at the right time increases your success. Americom’s robust reporting platform provides specific reports to enable all members of your team to achieve success.

Americom VOIP Services

Thanks to its ingenious single-image architecture, your ShoreTel VoIP phone system scales and grows across as many sites, or as many continents, as you need. IT staff can manage the entire VoIP phone system with plug-and-play ease. In addition, because it is an open system, it integrates with popular business applications, enabling you to get more out of your most valuable assets: people and information.

As the appetite for wireless continues to grow steadily, new bandwidth hungry multimedia applications are competing for wireless airwaves and consuming more airtime. Americom’s partnership with ADTRAN Bluesocket, a ten-year-old veteran wireless solution provider, with thousands of customers worldwide has led the wireless industry in many areas of innovation.  

The most recent technology, 802.11n vWLAN, is revolutionary because of its unique distributed architecture that provides significant improvements in throughput, reliability and availability.  A unique approach to wireless infrastructure leverages virtualization technology, drastically reducing the amount of hardware needed, simplifying deployments and reducing potential points of failure.

As your complete audio-visual integration specialist, Americom works with strategic partners to provide commercial designs and implementation such as; conference room, projector, video conferencing, commercial audio systems, paging systems, digital signage, and CCTV camera systems. These partnerships allow Americom to provide the latest innovative technology for all of your business audio-visual needs. Also, providing complete closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and access control systems. Our experts will guide you through the various systems that are available through our professional access control and CCTV partners.


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Security Services

AMERICOM is your complete audio-visual integration specialist. We work with strategic partners to provide commercial audio-visual design and implementation such as; conference room, projector, video conferencing, commercial audio systems, paging systems, digital signage, and CCTV camera systems. Our partnerships allow us provide the latest innovative technology for all your business audio-visual needs.

AMERICOM works with exclusive industry leading partners to provide complete Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Access Control Systems for business applications. Our security experts will guide you through the various systems that are available through our professional Access Control & CCTV partners and will help you decide which system is best for your business. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment and customer service possible.