• Plains Pipeline had a problem. . . .

    Time and erosion had exposed a significant length of active crude oil pipeline in a canyon adjacent to the Williams Fork River near Craig, Colorado. Plains All American Pipeline reached out to Americom for a solution. According to Randy Hawks, Director of Americom’s Utility Services Division, “We facilitated the replacement of this line using a […]

  • Connecting the Dots

    The human race generates 28 Billion Gigabytes of new data every day. 90% of the data currently in existence has been generated in just the last two years. Everything from YouTube to medical imaging to super market loyalty programs are contributing to this growth. Our appetite for a detailed and immediate information stream continues to […]

  • Google Almost Ready to Deploy Provo Fiber Network

    Google Almost Ready to Deploy Provo Fiber Network Earlier this year, Google Inc announced that it will acquire Provo, Utah’s existing high-speedfiber optic network. Google’s director of business operations for the fiber program, Micheal Slinger, says he expects the infrastructure to be deployable by the end of the calendar year. “We’re working to upgrade the […]

  • Americom Technology “Adopt-A-School” Donation Program

    Americom Technology is pleased to announce our first “Adopt-A-School” donation of school supplies is scheduled for delivery to Terra Linda Elementary in West Jordan Friday afternoon, August 23rd @ 3PM.  In a statement issued by Rod Tomkins, COO of Americom Technology, “I think it’s important for Utah business leaders to take an active role in […]

  • Telecommunications Sector Grows

    Telecommunications Sector Grows As National Broadband Access Continues to Climb A recent report published by the Economics and Statistics Administration reveals that the number of households with high-speed internet access grew by nearly six percent between 2011 and 2012. Many experts attribute the spike to the $4 billion in infrastructure and technology grants awarded by the National Telecommunications […]

  • Data Strategy – 2013 Data Trends

    2013 Data Trends Its more than likely that by now you have heard phrases like ” in the cloud” and “big data” within your day to day work. Its true, more companies are finding value in getting their data into a cloud hosted server that allows remote access, automatic backups and tons of other useful […]

  • Fast Fusion

    Fast Fusion In the utility service industry, the service that is ultimately provided is only as efficient as the infrastructure behind said system. Americom is a total utility service solution provider, which means that they are able to meet the needs of any utility service by providing customized projects, utilizing the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies, […]

  • Radio Access Networks: What You Need To Know

    In a time when the consumer expects nothing short of unlimited capacity and uninterrupted service, the telecommunications industry has scrambled to fulfill these expectations.  In order to satisfy these high expectations however, the radio access network requires a backhaul system able to transport an ever-increasing stream of data.  In order to provide this integral backhaul […]

  • History and Background of Directional Drilling

    History of Directional Drilling The oil and gas industry developed directional drilling in the 1920’s, and while the concept has remained the same, the technology has improved greatly over the years.  In directional drilling, multiple wells can be drilled at multiple angles from one single well bore, expanding the area over which oil and gas […]

  • The Importance of Wireless Internet Services

    Wireless Services When compared to traditional wired connections, wireless internet services provide an array of benefits ranging from increased productivity and convenience, to better overall cost effectiveness.  The addition of a wireless network can benefit any business because wireless networking can achieve all aspects of traditional networking with added mobility and speed. Wireless services provide […]